A tufting specialty store located in Morinomiya, Osaka that has Japan's first tufting shop (a rarity in the world) and a studio.

From tufting to make rugs to tufting as art, we support a wide range of people, from those who are already involved in tufting to those who want to try it in the future.


The shop on the 4th floor sells the equipment and materials necessary for tufting.

You can actually see and touch tufting guns and yarn, and you can purchase products by consulting with the staff.

There are many sample rugs in the store, and you can see the freedom of expression in tufting.


In addition to one-day workshops, the studio on the fifth floor also holds two-day home tufting master courses where you can learn more thoroughly.


Our shop receives support regarding tufting technology and knowledge from MIYOSHI RUG of Tokushima, which has been manufacturing rugs by hand tufting for a long time, and Tango Textile, a long-established rug factory in Kyoto. We offer home tufting using materials used by.

We are also engaged in production activities, from producing decorative items for major department stores to collaborating with artists and producing OEM rugs and other commissioned products.

Since we opened in 2022, we have been featured in many media such as TV, newspapers, magazines, and SNS, and customers who are interested in tufting come from all over the country.

We also support domestic tufting artists, plan events such as exhibitions, and hold Japan's first tufting contest on social media. I'm here.


We aim to create an environment where the culture of home tufting becomes more widespread in Japan, and where more people can enjoy making original rugs.

1. Create an environment where many people can easily obtain the equipment and materials necessary for tufting without stress.

2. Create an environment where you can explore various types of tools and materials needed for home tufting.

3. Let as many people as possible know the joy of tufting.

RUGMATAG = straddle the rug = straddle the rug

We want to convey a free idea that transcends the concept of a rug.The technique of tufting, which we were fascinated by, is the charm of a rug as a rug, and can be used to decorate a room by decorating it like a picture on the wall, or by using existing objects. It was a technique that stimulated the imagination and gave a feeling of freedom and infinite possibilities, such as creating things that had never been seen before with ready-made products. I started this shop with the desire to make this technique easy to understand for artists and those who want to start expressing themselves.

We will work hard to make Japanese tufting not just a fad, but a culture.

I also hope that Japan will produce many rugs that will amaze the world.

I would also be happy if I could convey the appeal of rugs to as many people as possible, and contribute in some small way to the Japanese rug industry and manufacturing in Japan.


Company Name

WIZ Co., Ltd.


Representative Director Yoshiyuki Tokuyama



4F RK Building, 1-11-18 Morinomiya Chuo, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture

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