Collection: MB210 HIGH QUALIRY ACLYRIC YARN (acrylic yarn for tufting)

MIYOSHI TUFTING MATERIAL® MB210 is a high-quality acrylic yarn manufactured for tufting rugs designed by Miyoshi Rugs Co., Ltd. It is also used in Miyoshi Rugs products. A material certification tag will be included with each purchase of yarn. You can attach this tag to your creations to prove that MB210 yarn was used.

Acrylic yarn suitable for tufting with the AK-1 (and other AK series). We recommend using 5 strands with the AK-1.

It is sold in cones of 250g each, so if you want to get 5 of the same color, please purchase 5 cones, or purchase a cone roll machine and use it to separate the amount you need.

*Please note that the same color may vary slightly depending on the production time.

\MB210 bulk purchase discount/

The MB210 Acrylic Yarn in this collection is available at a bulk discount when purchased in sets of the same color.

Please purchase from "Bulk Purchase" on the product page of the color you would like to purchase a set of.

You can get 10% off for 10 pieces of the same color, and 15% off for 20 pieces!

*Colours that are not displayed as available for bulk purchase are out of stock and cannot be purchased in bulk.

*Bulk purchases are in units of 10 or 20, and fractional quantities such as 11 are not available.

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