Collection: MB210 HIGH QUALIRY ACLYRIC YARN (acrylic yarn for tufting)

MIYOSHI TUFTING MATERIAL® MB210 is a high quality acrylic wool manufactured for tufted rugs planned by Miyoshi Rugu Co., Ltd. It is also used in Miyoshi rug products. A material certification tag will be attached for each yarn purchase. You can attach it to your work and use it as a tag to prove the use of MB210 thread.

Acrylic yarn suitable for tufting with AK-1 (and other AK series). We recommend using AK-1 with 5 holes.

It is sold in cones of 250g each, so if you want to take 5 cones of the same color, please purchase 5 cones, or purchase a tamaki machine as well and separate the amount you need.

60 colors in total.

*Bulk yarn purchase discounts do not apply to acrylic yarn.

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