Our encounter with KRAMIS.

We (RUGMATAG) currently run a tufting specialty store in Japan, but until we opened our store in 2022, it was extremely difficult to obtain information about tufting in Japan. Meanwhile, we were searching for information on the Internet every day and came across KRAMIS.

KRAMIS is a pioneer in spreading the appeal of tufting to the world as a rug production professional. After watching their videos and articles, we became even more passionate about tufting.

And in March 2024, RUGMATAG started handling KRAMIS products.

This page introduces KRAMIS and the tutorial videos they present to tufting fans around the world.


Founded in 1987, Switzerland's leading luxury rug brand.
The hand-tufted KRAMIS collection is available only in selected furniture stores and interior designers and has established itself as a luxury brand in the Swiss home furnishings industry.

KRAMIS website

Rug Making Tutorial from KRAMIS

Introducing a tutorial where you can learn how to make a KRAMIS rug from start to finish. This video program consists of a total of 10 lessons.

Not only can you learn professional techniques from the production methods of Switzerland's leading rug makers, but they can also provide great ideas and inspiration for those of us who are already tufting.

*The text language is English, but it is easy to understand by looking at the process, and KRAMIS calls this the "international language of tufting." After watching the video, you will understand the meaning of this word deeply.

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