How to make and send the designs created in the workshop

At RUGMATAG's tufting workshop, each customer can create their own original rug.

In the workshop, you will be creating a rug using the cloth and yarn provided by our shop, so in reality, you are not free to create or reproduce any design you want.

Please create your design while paying attention to the requirements below and send it to us via LINE at least 7 days before your reserved date. Our instructors will check to see if your desired design can be produced as a rug and let you know if there are any changes that need to be made. We will ask you to send us the revised version again and we will work with you to ensure that the design is ready for production by the day before the workshop.

【basic information】

●The size of the rug is MAX 60cm x 60cm.
●Detailed designs will be more difficult. Depending on the detail of the design, if we judge that it is difficult to express it, we may ask you to change it.
●The design you submit will be projected and transcribed using a projector on the same day. When copying, please draw the lines clearly in a dark color so that they are easy to understand.
●Please make the outline (edge) a straight line (square) or a gentle curve.
●You can choose up to 6 colors from the 60 colors shown in the image below. Deciding on a color scheme in advance will make it easier to choose colors on the day.
●The rugs we can produce are limited to the customer's original design. We do not accept third party copyrighted works or traced designs.
●It is also possible to customize MIYOSHI RUG's original design in your favorite color. Please contact us if you are interested.

Wool color sample

[How to make/send]

Please take a photo of your hand-drawn illustration or create it using a design tool such as Illustrator and send it via LINE. If you take illustrations with your smartphone, there is no problem in sending them as is. If you create it using Illustrator, etc., please save it in JPEG or PNG format and send it. (Not available with AI data)

【please note】

①It is not possible to create a rug by simply taking a photograph of the subject (actual object). Please create your own illustration of the object. (Please be sure to make any corrections or adjustments to the design yourself.)

② Please express the border line in a dark color. If the lines are light in color, such as in a pencil drawing, the lines will not be reflected on the cloth when projected using a projector, so they cannot be transferred. If you are designing by hand, please draw the border clearly with a marker.

③Delicate designs with many lines or designs with complicated rug shapes cannot be created. If your design has a complex shape, use gentle curves or straight lines for the edges.

④ Consider the design so that the colors are within 6 colors. Deciding on a color scheme in advance will make choosing colors on the day of the event smoother.

Yarn number of colors

Please create your design while paying attention to the above.

Once your design is complete, please send it to your LINE official account.

If you have any trouble or concerns during the production process, please feel free to contact us on LINE.

Enjoy creating your very own original rug!

*You can create MIYOSHI RUG designs in your own original colors. (Cannot be made with colors sold at MIYOSHI RUG) If you are interested, please contact us.



Below are the rugs created by customers who have participated in our workshops so far.

Please feel free to use it as a reference!