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Original rag tufting workshop

Original rag tufting workshop

Please be sure to check before making a reservation!

[Please register for LINE official account]

After making a reservation, we will exchange designs on your LINE official account. After completing the payment, the add friend button will be displayed, so please register and send the reservation name on the chat screen.

For customers who cannot communicate on LINE,EmailmosquitoInstagram messagesWe also accept exchanges. After making your reservation, please send us your reservation name.
*If you register our official LINE account as a friend, we will send you information about workshops, products, and tufting.

[About the rug design]

Detailed designs may not be expressed by tufting or may not be completed in one day. For this reason, we will confirm the design of the rug you would like to create in advance, so please send it to us via LINE, email, or Instagram message at least 7 days before the workshop.

(*Please note: The rugs we can produce are limited to the customer's original design. We do not accept third party copyrighted works or traced designs.)

Click here for details on how to create the design!

[About reservation deadline]

Reservations can be made up to 8 days in advance, but the deadline for design is 7 days in advance, so please make your reservations well in advance.

[About cancellation]

Please note that if you cancel your reservation, you will be charged a cancellation fee based on our company regulations. Please check the cancellation policy for cancellation fee regulations. Cancellation policy (refund policy)here.

[About changing the reservation date]

Once a reservation has been made, we cannot change or reschedule it.

[About visiting companions]

Due to studio space, only those who have made a reservation will be allowed to enter. Thank you for your understanding.

For customers wishing to make a group reservation

① If you pay the participation fee individually

Please select a date with available slots for the number of participants, and each participant should select one slot and complete the reservation procedure at the same time.

*If you make reservations at different times, there is a possibility that the slots will be filled by other customers' reservations, so if you wish to make reservations on the same day, please be sure to complete the procedures at the same time.

② If the representative pays all at once

After selecting the date, enter the desired number of people in the number of people input field and pay the amount for the number of people.

*As a general rule, the completed rug will be shipped to the address registered by the representative, but if you would like a different address, please let us know on the day of the event.

*Membership points will be awarded to one representative for participating in the workshop.

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Why not try making your own one-of-a-kind rug using a tufting gun?

At RUGMATAG, in cooperation with MIYOSHI RUG and tufting studio KEKE, we are able to create rugs that are perfect for home tufting with the essence of a professional rug.

The yarn we use in our store is the high-quality acrylic yarn used for rugs at MIYOSHI RUG in Tokushima Prefecture.

■ Antibacterial and deodorizing treatment available

This is a special thread developed for making rugs. Antibacterial and deodorizing treatment has been applied to suppress the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

The rugs produced in the workshop will be neatly trimmed at the edges and piles at our store, and then mailed to your home at a later date. It can be used on a daily basis by laying it on the floor, but it can also be used as an ornament by displaying it on a wall.

*As the 1.4kg tufting gun is pressed strongly into the fabric, you will feel as tired as if you were doing a light exercise. Please come in clothes that are easy to move in.

After the experience, you can purchase the necessary equipment and materials for home tufting at the SHOP on the 4th floor.

If you are considering home tufting, please feel free to contact us.
RUGMATAG, a tufting specialty store that sells equipment and materials, can provide support and advice.

Location: 1-11-18 Morinomiya Chuo, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
RK Building 5F
Capacity: up to 4 people per day Hours: 11:00-16:00
Production size maximum 60cm x 60cm
Design: Bring your own (please see this page for instructions on how to create your own design).

※please note

・The rugs we can produce are limited to the customer's original design. We do not accept third party copyrighted works or traced designs. )

-Up to 6 colors can be selected for the first time, unlimited from the second time onwards

frequently asked Questions

[Can even one person participate? ]
60% of our customers come alone. Please feel free to participate.

[How many colors are there? ]
You can choose from 60 colors. Also, the number of colors that can be used is limited to 6. The yarn will be 100% acrylic.

[Can 2-3 people work together to create one rug?] ]
I'm sorry. Currently, due to space constraints, we are unable to have multiple people create one rug. Please make one rug per person.

[What kind of rugs can you make?] ]
You can make rugs with various designs. We are introducing some of the rugs of our customers that have been produced in our workshops, so please take a look at our gallery page as well.

[How should I prepare the design? ]
It can be handwritten and taken with a smartphone camera. If the data is created using other design tools, please send it in a file format that can be sent via LINE. (AI data cannot be used as is.)

(*Please note: The rugs we can produce are limited to the customer's original design. We do not accept third party copyrighted works or traced designs.)

[Can I take photos and videos?] ]
You can take pictures inside the store. A portable camera stand is also available. *If you take a time-lapse video of the production process, you can soak in the afterglow of the work after it is completed.

[Is it possible to eat and drink? ]
It is possible to eat and drink on the terrace. Feel free to take a break. *Please refrain from eating and drinking with strong odors.

[When participating in a workshop, can my companion observe the workshop? ]
Due to studio space, only those who have made a reservation will be allowed to enter. Thank you for your understanding.

[Are there any additional charges? ]
There are no additional charges. The cost of materials and shipping of the finished rug are all included in the price. Please rest assured that there will be no additional charges even if the time is exceeded.

[At what age can you participate? ]
Because it uses physical strength, we recommend people over the age of 16. If you are a junior high school student, please consult with us. We currently do not accept children under elementary school age.


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