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Backing cloth (lining for tufted rugs)

Backing cloth (lining for tufted rugs)

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This is a backing cloth exclusively for tufted rugs that is used to finish the back side of the rug.

◎Recommended points

・Since the back side is covered, the implanted surface is hidden, resulting in a beautiful finish.

・Since the adhesive is applied and the backing cloth is applied before drying, drying and pasting can be done at the same time, making work more efficient.

・Use in combination with backing tape (sold separately) to increase durability and completeness of appearance.

■How to use

① Apply adhesive to the back of the finished rug ② Cover with a backing cloth cut larger than the work and adhere firmly to avoid wrinkles ③ Allow to dry for at least 24 hours (varies depending on temperature and ventilation)

④ Cut out a piece about 2cm larger than the work, fold the margin inward, and secure it with a glue gun or adhesive.

⑤ Apply backing tape ( sold separately ) over the folded surface using a glue gun or adhesive.

Material: 35% cotton/65% polyester

■Estimated possible creation when using a frame size of about 90 90cm (cut at 1 1m)

1m 1m: 1 piece

1m 2m: 2 sheets

2m×2m : 4 sheets

\Cross bulk purchase discount/

If you purchase a total of 11,000 yen or more of crosses, you will receive a 10% discount on all crosses. Recommended for those who make a lot of rugs.

*Discount applies only to tufting cloth and backing cloth. (Hesshan, mesh, backing tape, and non-slip backing cloth are not eligible)

*Discounts will be automatically applied on the cart screen.







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