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J24 wool yarn (for tufting)

J24 wool yarn (for tufting)

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*Depending on the manufacturing date, there may be slight color differences even with the same color. note that.

This yarn is suitable for home tufting using a tufting gun such as AK-1. Available in 48 calm colors. It is characterized by a luxurious texture.

Suitable for picking up two pieces. You can either buy two cones of the same color and take them out, or use a thread winder (ball winder) to divide them into the required amount.

\Bulk yarn purchase discount/

If you purchase a total of 44,000 yen or more of yarn, you will receive a 10% discount on yarn, and if you purchase a total of 88,000 yen or more, you will receive a 15% discount. Recommended for people who want to use a lot of yarn or make a lot of rugs.

*This discount applies only to wool yarn. There is a separate discount for acrylic yarn.

*Discounts will be automatically applied on the cart screen.

Product Summary

Weight: about 500g or about 250g. Please select your size and purchase.

Length: Approximately 600m (approx. 250g size is approximately 300m)

Thickness (count): 837/3 TEX

Composition: 100% New Zealand wool

Processing: China

*Due to the manufacturing process at the factory, some products may have knots in the middle, or some unevenness in thickness or length. Please note.

romney wool

Romney yarn suitable for carpets

It is said that there are approximately 3,000 types of sheep in the world.
The wool yarn sold at Ragma Tag is a product of the Romney breed, which is the most commonly bred breed in New Zealand.

The Romney's hair is long, thick, and durable, making it so suitable for rugs that the Romney breed is used for most wool carpets and rugs.
This product is manufactured for tufting and is very compatible with home tufting guns.

Wool has a moisture-regulating effect, making it comfortable to use in all seasons, and it is durable and long-lasting.

About how colors appear

*Actual colors may differ from what you see on your device's display.

*Even for the same color, there may be an error of about ±5% in color depending on the season.

*The color after threading into the cloth will be darker than when it is wrapped around a cone. (The images below are photos of each color actually stamped onto the cloth.)

wool yarn color chart

Guide to usage

Use a tufting gun (AK-1, etc.) to drive two tufts into the tufting cloth to create a luxuriously textured rug. The finish will vary depending on various factors such as individual differences in the tufting gun, the length of the pile, the spacing between the yarns, and the speed at which the tufting gun is moved. Please enjoy making the best rug, the only one in the world, while trying out various patterns on your own.

*Since the thread that has been driven in will stand up, it is recommended that you do this at close intervals. Please be careful not to leave too much space as the gap will be noticeable.

Differences between acrylic yarn for crafts and wool yarn for rugs

  • Wool yarn is durable and doesn't break easily.
  • It is possible to create a sturdy and practical rug that will not wear out no matter how many times you step on it.
  • The texture of the rug is heavier and heavier than that of acrylic yarn for crafts.
  • Wool yarn has a slightly muted color, so it gives the impression that it blends into the interior.

Differences between wool yarn and acrylic yarn for handicrafts
Differences between wool yarn and acrylic yarn for handicrafts
Differences between wool yarn and acrylic yarn for handicrafts
Differences between wool yarn and acrylic yarn for handicrafts






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