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AK-DUO Cut & Loop Pile Tufting Gun

AK-DUO Cut & Loop Pile Tufting Gun

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AK-DUO cut & loop pile tufting gun RUGMATAG original BOX

Available in 6 colors: blue, yellow, black, light blue, emerald green, and pink. Delivered in RUGMATAG original BOX. (Color variations may change without notice)

[Latest tufting gun of AK series]

The AK-DUO is based on the AK-1 and has been improved to make it easier and more convenient for beginners to use. It is a 2 in 1 cut and loop machine, and is also recommended for those who want to try out which one will be their main production tool before using the AK-1 and AK-2 cut and loop machines. (The AK-1 and AK-2 have better expressivity for cut or loop.)

■Features of AK-DUO

①Cut & loop can be changed

You can easily change cut pile and loop pile. (If you change from a cut pile with a pile of 14mm to a loop, the pile of the loop will be about 12mm.)

②Easy to replace scissors

It is easy to replace the scissors that wear out with use, and it is also easy to make small adjustments.

③Safe with gear guard

A guard protector is attached to the gear part for added safety. This prevents malfunctions caused by yarn entanglement and injuries caused by hair entanglement, allowing you to use it with confidence.

④ Comfortable operability

The improved grip makes it easier to hold, and the overall length of the main body is slightly longer, making it easier to operate despite having the same weight as the AK-1.

⑤Easy maintenance

A hole is installed to make it easier to add oil, which is essential for maintenance of a tufting gun. The hole is just large enough to fit the syringe needle, making maintenance easy.

■Product specifications

・High quality aluminum construction

・Adjustable cut pile height range: Actual size minimum 10mm to maximum 16mm
*The length of the pile at the time of shipment is set to around 14mm.

*Adjusting the length of the pile is very complicated, so please refrain from adjusting it yourself. Please note that adjustments made by yourself will not be covered by the warranty.

*Adjusting the length of the pile may cause misalignment in other parts and cause problems, so we do not recommend changing the length of the pile from the initial setting.
・Weight: Approximately 1.4 kg

・Universal voltage 100~240V, 50~60HZ

*Can be used as is in any outlet in Japan.

【Bundled items】

・Tufting gun body

・Connection code



・Simple manual

*Made in China (inspected in Japan, shipped domestically)

*During the import stage, there may be scratches or dents on the box. In addition, depending on the item, there may be slight scratches or dirt on the main body, but this does not affect the functionality of the tufting, so we cannot accept returns or exchanges. note that.

*Please purchase with confidence as our store is an authorized distributor.

*After use, please use a thin brush, cotton swab, etc. to remove hair. Also, apply oil regularly (about once a month). The recommended oil is Azet Co., Ltd.'s chainsaw oil. Neglecting maintenance may cause malfunction. Be sure to go.

*Please refrain from disassembling it yourself (please note that this will not be covered by the warranty)

■About warranty■

Warranty period : 90 days from the date of purchase

For initial defects and natural breakdowns within the warranty period, maintenance is free once ( (The customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping costs .) From the second time onwards, a fee will be charged.

*Maintenance In some cases, replacement may be required, and the response will vary depending on the situation of the gun malfunction.

*Depending on the nature of the failure, you may be charged a fee.

This warranty covers failures caused by normal use, and does not cover failures due to disassembly by the customer or failures due to excessive use, even within the warranty period.

After 90 days, repairs will be charged.

Click here for more information on warranties and repairs for tufting guns.






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