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Carpet trimmer guide (large)

Carpet trimmer guide (large)

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Carpet trimmer guide (large)

When combined with the standard trimmer sold in our store, the angle of the blade is fixed and you can easily align the length of the pile by simply sliding it on the surface of the rug.

◎Recommended points

The size is one size larger than the other trimmer guide we sell . The larger it is, the more stable it is, making it suitable for clipping large rugs.

- Since the color is white, you can choose the color of the trimmer.

How to assemble

① Before assembling, peel off the protective sticker on the transparent acrylic board.

② Use a screwdriver and screws to fix the acrylic plate and handle support parts at 3 points.

Insert the trimmer from below, pass the threaded rod through the two holes at the top of the handle support part , and turn the fastener from the side to secure it.

Product specifications

Weight: 250g

Material: transparent acrylic + nylon

Size: Acrylic board Height 25 cm x Width 15 cm

Country of origin: China

 * Clippers are not included with this product. Please attach it to this carpet trimmer (rug clipper) sold at our store.


-Make sure the angle of the trimmer blade is parallel to the acrylic plate.

・Please be careful not to cut too much.

-The included screwdriver is a simple one, so we recommend using a screwdriver that matches the size you have.






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