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cordless electric scissors

cordless electric scissors

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Cordless Electric Scissors

Color: Gray or Pink

Weight 450 g

Material: Plastic + Metal

Size: 27×10×6cm

Built-in lithium-ion battery/USB rechargeable

Country of Origin: China

■ Usage

These cordless electric scissors are ideal for smoothly cutting tufting cloth, backing cloth, and other fabrics. They can be used to cut cloth or to smoothly cut finished projects from fabric, helping to save time.

■ Features

It is cordless, so it is easy to handle, and lightweight, so it is easy to use. It is simple to use, just pull the trigger. It can also be used to trim the lines of rugs. It is a popular product that often appears in the work scenes of overseas tufting artists.

The blog comparing the benefits of cordless electric scissors and the time it takes to cut with dressmaking scissors is here ↓


The scissors are dangerous, so please be careful not to get your fingers close to them. When not in use, store with the included cap on. Keep out of reach of children.

*Dents and scratches will inevitably occur on the box during shipping. Please understand and acknowledge this before purchasing.

*Please note that if the delivery destination is Okinawa or a remote island, delivery will take some time as the item will be shipped by boat.






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