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Tufting starter set (AK-1)

Tufting starter set (AK-1)

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AK-1 Cut Pile Tufting Gun (color)
Carpet trimmer (rug clipper) (color)

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We have released a starter set that will help you get started with tufting but don't know what to buy or how to make a rug!

We have all the tools necessary to make one rug, and we also have a tufting start manual available only to those who purchase the starter set, which includes not only the tools but also the basic flow of making one rug and how to use each item. I did.

You can start tufting the same day you receive it.

set content

  • Tufting start manual limited to starter set purchasers
  • AK-1 tufting gun...color selection available
  • Carpet trimmer (rug clipper)…color selection available
  • One-touch carpet trimmer guide (easy to remove type)
  • prefabricated aluminum frame
  • Daruma Tamamaki type1
  • Tufting backing agent (rug adhesive) with anti-mite ingredients 1kg
  • Tufting cloth 100cm×100cm
  • Mesh for lining 220×200cm
  • 3 colors of wool yarn for tufting (color cannot be selected)

◾️AK-1 Tufting Gun

・Cut pile height: around 16mm

*Adjusting the length of the pile is very complicated, so please refrain from adjusting it yourself. Please note that adjustments made by yourself will not be covered by the warranty.

*Adjusting the length of the pile may cause misalignment in other parts and cause problems, so we do not recommend changing the length of the pile from the initial setting.

・Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)

・Universal voltage 100~240V, 50~60HZ

・Can be used as is in any outlet in Japan

・There is a guard protector on the gear part for safety. This prevents malfunctions caused by yarn entanglement and injuries caused by hair entanglement, allowing you to use it with confidence.

-One threader is included.

・Country of origin: China (inspected in Japan, shipped domestically) *There may be scratches or dents on the box during the import stage. Also, Clear may have scratches on the handle. Please note that this item cannot be exchanged.

- Our store is an authorized distributor, so please purchase with confidence.

・After use, please use a thin brush, cotton swab, etc. to remove hair. Also, apply oil regularly (about once a month).

・Please refrain from disassembling it yourself (please note that this will not be covered by the warranty)

■About warranty■

Warranty period: 90 days from the date of purchase

For initial defects and natural breakdowns within the warranty period, one maintenance is free, and subsequent maintenance charges will be charged (shipping fee will be borne by the customer).

After 90 days from the date of purchase: Maintenance fee flat rate 4,000 yen (shipping fee paid by customer)

◾️Carpet trimmer rug clipper

Voltage: 100~240V, 50~60HZ (Can be used as is in an outlet in Japan.)

Power: 200W

Speed: 2000~6000RPM

Size: 4.5×18cm

Weight: 300g

*Oil is not included due to import. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please purchase the clipper oil separately.

・Country of manufacture: China (Japanese domestic inspection/domestic shipping)

・Only in the case of defective products, we will guarantee returns and exchanges for 90 days after purchase. *Please note that failures caused by use for purposes other than intended will not be eligible for replacement.

◾️One-touch carpet trimmer guide (easy to remove type)

*When working, be careful not to cut too much and be careful about the amount of force you use.

*Be sure to insert the trimmer all the way in before use.

*The acrylic part is protected with a sticker. Please peel it off before use.

*It is not compatible with trimmer blades that have a 5-step height adjustment function. Please be careful when purchasing replacement blades.

◾️Assembled aluminum frame

Size: 90x90cm ( inner diameter 87x87 )

The width is also adjustable so you can customize it to the size you want.

*We recommend that two people perform the assembly work.

* A hex wrench ( 5mm ) is required separately . Please prepare.

◾️Daruma Tamamaki type 1

A ball winder is useful for making yarn into balls, such as skeins or straw rolls.

*Can be installed on tables with a maximum thickness of about 3cm.

*Please pull out the silver thread guide firmly until it does not wobble before use.

・Country of manufacture: China (Japanese domestic inspection/domestic shipping)

◾️Backing agent for tufting (rug adhesive) Contains anti-mite ingredients

This is an adhesive that has anti-mite effects (tested) and is also used in rug factories.

It goes well with the mesh and backing cloths sold in our store.

Contents: 1kg

Type: Water-based adhesive

Ingredients: Natural rubber, synthetic rubber (SBR)

※made in Japan

◾️Tufting cloth 100cm×100cm

Tufting cloth is a base fabric made for making rugs and carpets.

Includes yellow guidelines every 5cm.

Material: 20% cotton, 80% polyester

◾️Mesh for lining 220×200cm

This lining has a non-slip effect when used in conjunction with RADITEX (lining glue) sold at our store. It is possible to carry out continuous cutting, and it can also be used to create complex lug shapes.

Material: 100% rayon

Size: 220×200cm

Color: white

Country of origin: Japan

*Depending on where the fabric is cut, the pattern may vary from piece to piece.

◾️Wool yarn for tufting

We will include 3 250g cones. A wool yarn suitable for tufting. The thickness of the yarn is close to what is said to be a standard average thickness, so we recommend using it in pairs. It is also possible to use a Tamamaki machine to separate and use the required amount.

◾️Wool yarn color chart for tufting

We have 48 colors of wool yarn available in our store. You can actually see and choose the yarn colors that are difficult to see on a smartphone or monitor.







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