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105 Acrylic yarn (for tufting)

105 Acrylic yarn (for tufting)

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*Depending on the manufacturing date, there may be slight color differences even with the same color. note that.

*If the stock is less than the quantity available for bulk purchase, bulk purchase will not be displayed.

MB210 is a high quality acrylic wool manufactured for tufted rugs planned by Miyoshi Rug Co., Ltd. It is also used in Miyoshi rug products.
A material certification tag will be attached for each yarn purchase.
You can attach it to your work and use it as a tag to prove the use of MB210 thread.

▼Product features

・When embroidering with a tufting gun, it generates less dust than regular wool.
- Treated with antibacterial and deodorizing treatment.
- Bulky processing (bulk processing) has been applied, resulting in a finish with excellent cushioning properties.
・Dyeed at a selected dyeing factory in Japan, it has excellent fastness, light resistance, and color development.
・We recommend using 4 to 6 pieces.

Raw materials and dyeing: Japan
Spinning: Indonesia
Weight: Approx. 250g (including the weight of the cone)
Composition: 100% acrylic
Length: Approximately 750m

*Even for products with the same color number, there may be slight differences in color shading and texture depending on the timing of dyeing the thread.
*Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be slight differences in the thickness and length of the roll. note that.
*The color of the product image may differ from the actual product depending on the type and settings of your display. Please note.
*Due to the manufacturing process of spinning and processing, knots may occur inside the ball.
*Please do not use it for any purpose other than its original purpose.






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